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Who is Adam Delderfield?

Who is Adam Delderfield...?

I first came across Adam on the Pet Professional Network. I was really inspired by his attitude to training and that we also seemed to share many similar views on training.

Adam runs Delders Dogs and is an expert in off lead dogs and well known for his work with puppies. He won trainer of the year in 2018 with a 12 week old husky puppy, he had the choice of using a four year old terrier that was picked as being super receptive to training by the staff at Battersea but he decided to put his money where his mouth is and use the 12 week old pup instead.

Before working with dogs Adam worked in IT and banking for fifteen years. Resolving major incidents for one of the largest banks in the UK. Using his unique ability to problem solve he was able to achieve great success in dog training and he now travels the country giving workshops and talks on recall and off lead dogs

His background in crisis management means that he is able to look at a problem there and then and offer immediate assistance to the training issues being faced by his clients.

Adam will be joining us for Destination Dogs and will be delivering three fantastic workshops over the three days. I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Adam and find out a brief description about his intended workshops and what advice he would give to those interested in becoming a dog trainer.

1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a mechanic-my Dad was a mechanic and I loved taking things apart and putting them back together.

2. If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you take with you?

Bear Ghrylls, Ray Mears and Ricky Gervais...Bear and Ray to keep us alive and ricky to keep us laughing.

3. What is the biggest piece of advice you can give to aspiring dog trainers?

My biggest advice for new dog trainers and something I will be talking about heavily is that you shouldn't compare yourself to other trainers or use them as your yard stick to measure your own success. measure it based on your own results.

4. What three things would people be surprised to find out about you?

  • He has twin daughters
  • He owns a Harley Davidson
  • He is a black belt in Karate and is trained in MMA, kickboxing, boxing and ju jitsu

5. Could you give us a brief over view of the courses that you will be teaching over the weekend?

Puppy socialisation and development.

This is aimed at professionals and pet dog owners. They are run in two hour workshop form. They will be looking at key development milestones in the critical first sixteen weeks but also the correct and safest way to socialise your puppy. Learn how to spot a badly run “puppy party” and which exercises should and should not be included. Find out what advice he gave to the British Veterinary Nurses Association (BVNA) about puppy parties and puppy socialisation.

This is a fabulous opportunity for those with puppies or breeders with a litter of puppies to bring them along and get first hand knowledge from one of the industries leading experts

Perfect Puppy

Do you long to become a trainer? Do you dream of one day teaching puppy classes? Do you already teach puppy classes but want to learn more about creating a safe, secure and engaging puppy class? This day long workshop covers all the aspects from what to train puppies and how they learn to getting owners on board and dealing with difficult questions.

Recall Kickstarter Programme

Recall has surely got to be one of THE most common problems that owners are faced with. Every day Adam is presented with issues

  • My dog has great recall…unless there is a…
  • I have tried every treat but it doesn’t matter…
  • Its like he goes deaf outside
  • My dog won’t take treats outside

On this course Adam will teach you how to focus your dog’s mind so that no matter how much fun they’re having, they’ll respond immediately to your recall cue.

His recall classes are fun for the owner and the dog and because we replicate real world situations, it won’t be long before you start to feel more confident about letting your dog off the lead.

Adam will share his off lead secrets and how to set up the perfect recall class offering solutions to common problems.

There is a choice of handler and spectator spots available for all of Adams course and a full list of the weekend packages and workshops can be found by visiting...

Thank you everyone for all your support so far. We have so much more lined up for you and we cant wait to welcome you and your dog(s)

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