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Online Dog Training

Release the trainer in you

Dog Training Online Dorset

Looking for some extra dog training? Don't have the time to attend in person dog training classes? Or maybe you have a nervous or reactive dog?

At Hounds & Hooves we offer a wide variety of eBooks and online courses aimed at anyone looking to strengthen and further their training journey with their dog. The eBooks range from Puppy Socialisation to loose lead walking skills to enrichment activity ideas to do with you dog and anything in between. Our online courses contain videos and course notes to further help to unlock the dog trainer in you, including our Revolutionary Recall Masterclass and Loose Lead Legends Masterclass and our popular Pawsitive Puppy Power. At Hounds & Hooves we are passionate about training and enriching a dog and owners life through confidence building, trust and an ever lasting bond between dog and owner.

What are the benefits of training online?

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Training At Home

Your dog is at home with a very low amount of distractions and so therefore a good learning environment for them and making it flexible for you whilst juggling other life commitments.

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Access Where Ever You Are

Having access to your online training material where ever you are, whether from the comfort of your own home or away on holiday. It mean's training never needs to stop

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Training With The Family

All the family can join in together on the dog training journey meaning that you can create a consistent, positive and fun environment whilst building confidence and trust with your dog.

View Our Online Collections

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dog training online courses
Online Courses

We offer a fantastic selection of online courses including Loose Lead Legends Masterclass and Pawsitive Puppy Power.

dog training online ebooks

We have a range of amazing eBooks including Puppy Socialisation, Puppy Survival Guide, Recall Tips, Loose Lead Walking Tips and much more.

dog training online collection
All Our Collections

If your not sure what your looking for take a look at our entire collection. From Online Recall Masterclass to Terrific Teens survival guide eBook

What our customers say

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The Loose Lead Walking Masterclass was so useful i decided to sign up for the Recall Masterclass
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Last week i signed up for the Loose Lead Walking Masterclass. I found it so useful that i decided to sign up to the Recall Masterclass and if it's as good as the Loose Lead Masterclass i am more than happy to pay for it