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Who is Nando Brown?

Who is Nando Brown?
Nando Bown makes up one third of the absolutely awesome School Of Canine Science. Who along with Jo-Rosie Haffenden and Dean Nicholas will be delivering the science of predation and drive workshop at our three day event Destination Dogs in June on the Whitcombe Estate in Dorset. Anybody that has done any of The School of Canine Science online courses will know that these guys really are the dogs doodahs.
Nando has been working as a dog trainer and instructor for 12 years. Best known for his accessible style, impressive YouTube tutorials, big personality and awe- inspiring ability to train the tricky dogs that many people claim are untrainable. Nando has also hosted his own international radio show. With hit videos receiving more than 20 million views and a Facebook page with over 20,000 fans - Nando is now enjoying a successful career in television having worked with Jo-Rosie on Rescue Dog to Super Dog and ITV’s Teach My Pet. Nando has co-authored two books with Jo-Rosie which were published by MacMillan.
As well as being an esteemed trick dog instructor – and founder of the In The Dog House trick dog titles, Nando‘s also made a significant contribution to the world of scent – and this year bought competitive nosework back on the UK radar by starting up The Man Hunt. Nando teaches hundreds of new and experienced dog trainers across the world in all aspects of dog training and has been invited to run seminars and talk at various large conferences in South Africa, America, South America, New Zealand, Australia and throughout Europe.
Team SOCS have been kind enough to put together a trainer bio for each trainer. This installment helps you get to know Nando better...What his favourite film is, What he wanted to be when he grew up and what he most admires about his colleagues Jo-Rosie and Dean.

Would you like to join us for Destination Dogs? Below is a brief description of the Predation and Drive workshop. We are also very fortunate that Nando has agreed to do some training clinics for us. Read on to find out more...
All dogs have some form of predatory drive - that is to say they all originated from hunters and many of them are still selectively bred to hunt today. We use elements of the predatory motor pattern to get most natural working behaviours such as herding, guarding, tracking, stalking, flushing and biting. However, sometimes these behaviours can get dogs into trouble. From chasing cars, to stalking other dogs or herding children - many owners struggle to control their dogs predatory drive.
Day 1 looks at the science of predation - exploring how and why dogs use certain actions, how we breed for those behaviours as well as why some dogs drive to perform an element of the predatory motor pattern can get too much. We will look at the psychology of predatory behaviour as well as the neurobiological factors and delve into which dogs are statistically more likely to suffer and why.
Day 2 explores the practical application of all this theory. We cover how to assess this behaviour safely whilst minimising stress to the dog; how to set dogs up to succeed; client preparation; how to manage and control these desires realistically; as well as how we go about changing the dogs behaviour.
Bolt on day: The bolt on day will give people a chance to work with their own dogs if they struggle with predatory behaviours. Alternatively trainers and behaviourists are encouraged to bring a tricky client dog along to work. The focus will be on focus and impulse control along with chase recall and positive predatory interruption methods. Each candidate will receive a support package afterwards which will include videos of suggested strategies as well as structured guidance for practice and communication.
What about if I cant commit to a full workshop?

Not a problem we have you covered there to...Why not come along to one of our evening workshops?
Do you have a dog that pulls on the lead? Lacks focus or struggles to come back when called then this is for you? Nando will be delivering a very special training evening for handlers to bring their dogs along and get advice on any training issue. Each slot will be 15 minutes long and Nando will help and advise
Don’t have a dog with a training issues? But want to come along anyway? You can come and spectate for the evening, pick up some tricks of the trade
Would you like to find out a bit more about Nando? What he admires most about his co-hosts, what his favourite film is and what he wanted to be when he grew up? SOCS have provided us with a trainer bio each and you can find Nando's video below
Thank you to everyone who has so far bought tickets. It is our sixth birtday on Friday and we have some great suprises in store for you.

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