Team H&H News

Welcome to Autumn

Ok so its not halloween yet but just like that summer seems so far away, the leaves are turning brown and falling off the trees and you are standing there for ages trying to search for that little present your dog has just left you…

September has been superb. We have really found our feet at our new HQ now and are really quite at home. Its so reassuring to know that once the dogs are off their leads they are safe and secure. With no worries about bumping into other dog walkesr or livestock.
With winter hammering down the door we will always do our best to return your dogs home clean and dry after their walks. Please do leave out any extra layers they may need or close doors to areas they are not to have access to (or leave a note for us so we can do it).
Since opening the business almost six years ago admin has never been my strong point. I have always struggled with it. Particularly over the last year since having my son. As the business expands so does the amount of admin I am faced with and ultimately I am now spending more and more time behind a desk than out with the dogs teaching and walking. So, in order to fix this, to streamline things and hopefully allow me to get back to the things I love most we have taken on a VA (Virtual assistant). Already I feel this is a really positive move for us. So pleased dont be alarmed if you receive an email from a lady called Cheryl! In addition to this we are going to be making some long overdue changes to the website. This will allow people to book for classes and workshops online but also when you book you will get all the information straightaway rather than having to wait for me to send it to you. We will have an online shop so you can order perfect fit harness