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Sniffer Dogs

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UK Sniffer Dog Training Dorset

UK Sniffer Dogs Level 1 - Scent Detection

This six week course leads you deeper into the world of scent. Over the course we look at scent pairing and indication. We learn how to search chairs, bags, pipes, novel environments and external vehicle searches. At the end we do a mock bronze trial and on completion you will be eligible to compete in a bronze level trial

UK Sniffer Dogs Level 2

Having completed level one you are now eligible to take your training further. With a variety of training areas we can really start to build on indication and think about training our dogs on different scents. Internal car searches, tractors, horse boxes etc

What We Cover

  • Sent indication
  • Pipe Searches
  • Indication shaping on chairs
  • Novel search environments
  • Vehicle searches
  • Bag searches

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