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How on earth is it November?!

How on earth is it November?! is it just me or has this year flown by?
I have to admit taking on such a massive project to expand our business with a six month old baby in tow wasnt my finest idea. I am not going to lie, it has been a struggle. My mum has always told me I’m her little terrier, because once I get an idea in my head I just keep going. Of course, it wasnt just something that happened overnight. Months and years went into planning this dream and I am eternally grateful to all of you that have shown your support, continued to recommend us, come to our classes and events, like and share our facebook and instagram posts.

One of the main ideas behind our move to Whitcombe was to create a safe space for dog walkers to use, to take their dogs out without the worry of bumping into other people, livestock, dogs etc. I am very pleased to tell you that we are now in a position to start allowing members of the public to rent this space. Follwoing an introduction you can book as many slots as you like, bring a picnic and the whole family. I really hope that this is going to be hugely beneficial to the local dog community.

  • Secure parking area inside the field
  • Water buts
  • Deer fenced (1.9m high), enclosed, space
  • Online booking system
  • Sensory garden
  • Platforms
  • Digging pits
  • log piles to encouraging sniffing

Thank you to all of those that have continued to support us, the referrals for training and dog walking. Those of you that have come along and tried out our new classes and workshops. Most of all the dogs, because whatever the weather their wagging tails and wet kisses can brighten even the grayest of days.

Have a great month

Team H&H