Doggy News

Fun in the sun

Keeping your dogs entertained at home in hot weather can be tricky but a missed walk is better than a trip to the vets. Preparation is key with some of these ideas, but completely rewarding for your dog. Remember think mental stimulation and foraging instead of high impact and ball chasing.

Make a pupsicle
Simply take a Tupperware container, add some yummy treats, fill half way with water and place in the freezer. Then when the day is at its hottest take it out and give it to your dog frozen

Paddling pool
This is a great way for them to stay cool, but remember if your dog isn’t keen on getting in don’t force them, Coax them in with treats. Even just paws in will help to cool them down.

Bobbing for treats
Fill a washing up bowl with water and pop some treats in (avoid kibble as it will turn to mush if your dog isn't quick on the uptake)
Top Tip - You could experiment with fruit such as blueberries, apple and strawberries.

Fill a spray bottle with water
Take a spray bottle and spray their coat liberally with water, the cool mist will help them keep cool. Don't be tempted to spray them in the face or hose you dog down.

Frozen socks and toys
Grab an old pair of socks and knot them together and soak in water and place in the freezer, A frozen tug toy or plushie is fine to. When ready be sure to supervise your dog to make sure they don’t ingest the socks.

Set the nose to work
Scatter feeding is a great way to get the nose to work, Keep your pup inside while you hide treats around the home or garden and let them sniff around and find the treats. 20 minutes of intense sniffing is more tiresome than an hours physical walk.