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5 Top Tips For A Calm Dog At Christmas

5 Top Tips For Christmas.

Many of us absolutely love Christmas and all that it brings – decorating, a constant stream of house guests and lots of festivities with music, food and drink. To a new puppy or dogog, this can actually be quite a stressful time. Its quite easy for us to get caught up in the festivities and preparation and forget that our favourite furry friends might have a very different view on things. At Hounds & Hooves one of the key things we talk about across the board is preparation. If we spend time preparing our puppies and young dogs for an event we have much more opportunity to get it right for their needs and in turn for it to be memorable and enjoyable for them to.

Maintain a normal routine.

Its easy when Christmas arrives for routine to go out of the window. Dogs thrive on routine and even the smallest change can leave them feeling anxious and worried. As far as possible try and maintain their normal feeding and walking routine.

Decorate gradually.

Dogs are sensory animals, when we decorate our homes boxes are bought down from lofts, bringing novel scent, festive flashing lights adorn the trees and halls and big trees are bought in to the home. Imagine if you wake up in the morning all is well and by the evening there are flashing lights, singing snowmen and a huge tree with lots of sparkly balls hanging from it. Even for the most placid dog this is going to be a huge sensory overload.

Control & management.

If you know your dog is going to have a hard time staying away from the tree or counter surfing in the kitchen then take away the opportunity for them to do it. Room dividers, pens, crate and house lines are all great additions. Or simply not allowing your dog or puppy to have access to those rooms unsupervised. If we take the opportunity away we are setting them and you up for success.

Make sure your dog has a safe zone.

Dogs are part of the family and with that in mind will want to share in the festivities of present opening and spending time with loved ones. However for many dogs these activities can leave them feeling overwhelmed. This may lead to undesirable behaviours such as barking, jumping up and becoming over friendly. Giving them a safe space where they can relax and chill away from this is a great way to advocate for your dog. If the space is going to be novel for the period of festivities set it up now so your dog has lots of time to explore and get used to it. Couple the safe zone with some yummy chews and your pup is going to love that safe zone.

Be aware of toxic foods.

No dog wants to spend Christmas in the vets having their stomach pumped. Its pretty unpleasant for guardians to. Make sure that you are aware of all the harmful treats that may seem yummy to dogs but will leave them feeling green around the gills. Leave a mince pie out for Santa and you could end up with a very expensive vet bill.

Have an amazing week!

Jordan x