Loose Lead Walking Dog Training Dorset

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Loose Lead Walking

Where training is positive and fun

Loose Lead Walking Dog Training Workshop Dorset

Teaching our dogs to walk calmly on the lead is really hard work! It takes time, patience and consistency. It’s also key to having an enjoyable walk with your dog as nobody enjoys being dragged from one lamppost to the other. In this workshop we will be looking at why your dog feels the need to drag you everywhere and what you can do to help them remain calm and for the lead to remain nice and slack. This is a fun and friendly workshop where my ethos is to train in a fun and positive way, whilst helping to build an life time bond with you dog.

With this workshop you will also receive a FREE loose lead walking manual to help you practise after your workshop has ended.

So What's Included In Our Loose Lead Walking Workshops

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In Person Workshop

In person one and a half hour workshop so that you can get all important trainer help with mastering loose lead walking.

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Access To Our Masterclass

Lifetime access to our Loos Lead Legends Masterclass online course so that you can continue the practice to make it perfect.

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Free Visit To The Gallops

A FREE visit to The Gallops allowing you to practice all that you have learnt in a safe 2.5 acre space that is deer fenced and gated.

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