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Training Treats & Toys

Discover the best training treats and toys for your pawfect pal

Dog Training Treats, Chews & Toys Dorset

Here at H&H we know that a HEALTHY DOG is a HAPPY DOG

With so much choice on the market it can be tough to know what your dog will enjoy AND keep them in great condition. All of our treats have been tried, tested and given a five paws seal of approval by our chief taste and test ambassador, Stanley. We stock a wide range of natural training treats and chews to cover every situation for rewarding your dog.

If you would like to know more OR grab a tasty treat for your furry friend then please get in touch and we will be on hand to help.

Why use natural treats?

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Wholesome Nutrition

Natural dog treats use good quality and fresh ingredients which don't contain artificial additives and flavouring. Natural dog treats are rich in natural nutrients meaning gentle on digestion and in turn less waste.

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Better Health

Packed with healthy protein which helps to promote a stronger immunity. Containing little fat helps with maintaining a healthy weight, whilst your dog enjoys chewing which relieves boredom and encourages better dental health.

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Natural Benefits

Hairy items act as natural worming aids for dogs, such as rabbit ears, lamb ears and cow ears. Also being natural they are great for dogs with allergies, by being easy on the stomach and help to improve physical well-being.

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If you are unsure what to get your furry friend or just have a question then please get in touch and we will be on hand to help.
Training Leads & Toys
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